Rails and Trails
Published 3/2/2024 in Burke River Trail
Our Trail Towns could also be Rail Towns! In December 2023, the Federal Railroad Administration selected the Salisbury to Asheville rail route as part of the Corridor Identification and Development Program. The route is one of seven NC corridors receiving a $500,000 grant from the Department of Transportation to pay for the feasibility studies to decide the viability of the routes. Salisbury…read more ❯

Litter Sweep
Published 2/25/2024 in Burke River Trail
As part of the Burke County Chamber Litter Sweep, Burke River Trail Association is planning trash pickups in all the towns along the Burke River Trail route during the week of March 20-27. The public is invited to join one or more events. The Chamber will provide trash bags and vests. And thanks to a grant, gloves, snacks and waters will be provided by Burke River Trail Association. BRTA…read more ❯

We Need a Plan
Published 2/8/2024 in Friends of the Valdese Rec
A parks and recreation master plan is a comprehensive, long-range strategy for the creation, optimization, and maintenance of a community’s assets. It doesn’t focus on one particular park but instead offers a bird’s-eye view of a community’s parks and recreation landscape, both today and beyond. It examines the parks and recreation assets’ ability to meet the needs of the community and…read more ❯

Rhodhiss Workshop
Published 2/7/2024 in Burke River Trail
There was an incredible turnout for the Rhodhiss Trail Workshop. Business owners, landowners, aldermen and residents met at the Scout Building to share ideas. Shelly Gref who owns the Copper Penny Grill – Lake Hickory said she would will allow trail between the restaurant and water. She also shared the story of how her Rutherford location and Forest City location are now connected by trail and…read more ❯

Glen Alpine Park
Published 2/6/2024 in Burke River Trail
A community park has been on Glen Alpine’s wish list for a long time. Burke River Trail Association Executive Director Beth Heile shared with Glen Alpine Town Aldermen that thanks to a directed state grant from Rep Blackwell, the park is one step closer to becoming a reality. Glen Alpine Community Park and Trailhead Rendering by Equinox Environmental The desire for a downtown park was…read more ❯

Sharing Success
Published 2/5/2024 in Burke River Trail
BRTA Executive Director Beth Heile shared the story of the economic development opportunities found along the Burke River Trail route with The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Community Investment Training participants to help others spot worthy projects in their community. BRTA will receive a small grant for Beth’s time. Beth participated in this investment training as a student last…read more ❯

Morganton Greenway Extension
Published 2/4/2024 in Burke River Trail
Mayor Ronnie Thompson has included the Morganton Greenway Extension in his State of the City talks to civic groups to start off 2024. This extension to the east is the Burke River Trail. Picking up at Rocky Ford Access (where the paved greenway stops) eventually trail will cover about 3 miles in the city’s jurisdiction. An update to the trail head is also in the works (shown…read more ❯

Connelly Springs Workshop
Published 2/4/2024 in Burke River Trail
Lindy’s Discount Furniture was the perfect place for sharing ideas on what sites should be highlighted along trails in Town of Connelly Springs, NC. Some suggestions included the old hotel and spring, a second hotel and spring, Israel Chapel, Hudson cemetery, Chicken in the Basket (the longest open restaurant in the same building in NC), the Knob, cool views on the south side of I-40, stage…read more ❯

Almost to Pavilion Goal
Published 1/21/2024 in Friends of the Valdese Rec
Donate Fundraising is heading into the home stretch for the Pavilion and Amphitheater at Valdese Lakeside Park. The Pavilion will serve as a “family room,” a gathering space for the community to take part in classes, meals, awards, exercise, meet ups, entertainment (movie, music, drama) and shelter (from rain and sun). The flexible design will allow for picnic tables to be placed on…read more ❯

Burke Trail Partners Share Updates and Ideas
Published 1/19/2024 in Burke River Trail
What is becoming a twice a year event, the organizations responsible for getting trail on the ground in Burke County met to share updates on planning and building trail. Representatives from local governments and nonprofits submitted three slides in advance and had four minutes to provide updates during the first half of the meeting followed by general strategy discussions. Attendees…read more ❯

From a Year to Forever
Published 12/16/2023 in Burke Trails
Though it has been a statewide campaign, the initial steps of celebrating Year of the Trail in NC during 2023 started in Burke County. In March 2021, Beth Heile asked Rep Blackwell if he would sponsor legislation designating 2023 as NC Year of the Trail. Seems simple, but it was still a risk as initially some called it a fluff bill and wondered why waste time. That argument was easily…read more ❯

State Trails Moving West Thanks to State Funding
Published 12/12/2023 in Burke Trails
Most people consider the Fonta Flora Trail to be a loop around Lake James. While that was the original vision of the 2014 Lake James Loop Trail Master Plan, the concept grew to become a state trail. On location at the next segment of state trail to be built in Burke County, NC Rep. Hugh Blackwell remarked, “The first trails legislation that I helped pass established Fonta Flora as an…read more ❯